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Hussain Can Co. is the first company in Pakistan to introduce Juice/Beverage Tin Cans. We use premium imported raw materials for our products and mainly we are importing these raw materials from Europe, Abu Dhabi and Brazil. Our printing standards are also of highest quality and the inks we use are directly imported from Germany and Singapore.Our exports are expanded to Dubai, Mauritius, Afghanistan & Africa.

Hussain Can Company (HCC) has recently entered in beverage can manufacturing business with pioneering in Juice/Beverage technology. We are developing Juice/Beverage Tin cans which consist of components including, bottom lid, cylindrical body and top lid ( lid with a lip [an opening] for a beverage can).HCC will be having the expertise of foreign engineers for looking on to the technical aspects of manufacturing these tin cans.

In comparison to other packing materials our tin cans have extended shelf-life (max. 2 years) and in addition to that the printing assures that it looks attractive on the shelf/refrigerators and withstand throughout the supply chain including filler, distribution, transportation and retailing when it finally reaches the customer. The thing which makes our tins outclass other packing resources is their ' Shelf stability ' meaning that it could be stored at any ambient temperature throughout the supply chain, thus making it ideal for packaging of Juices, Beverages and Flavored Milk.

Some of its highlighted features are:

• No Breakages
• No cold chain requirement
• Easily Stackable
• Convenient in Storage
In Addition to that tin plate cans have highest barrier properties to Oxygen, Moisture, Bacteria and Sun Light etc. As a result making it a complete Can.

Available Sizes:

Sr.# Size in ML Dia in MM
1 240mm 52x133mm
2 230mm 63x101mm

*Height can be changed as per customer requirement.