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Due to the advantage of our state-of-art infrastructure, we manufacture and supply a wide variety of Aerosol Cans also known as pressurized cans. Manufactured in accordance with international norms, our entire collection of aerosol cans are known for their features such as classy printing, leak proof, light weight, unbreakable and resistant to corrosion/light /heat.

A comprehensive packaging solution is provided for a wide range of anti-rust sprays which are exclusively used for maintenance of machinery parts.

The range of carburetor cleaners are also being produced at our facility which are being used by our clients for loosening and flushing away varnish, oil and gum deposits from the carburetor, chokes, P.C.V valves and throttle plates.

We have expertise in manufacturing aerosol cans for mold release agents. Ideally used for any kind of objects, these sprays neither cause any harm or damage nor leave any spot on the plastic components. These are available in both Silicon and Non-Silicon based sprays which are efficient and economic.

Available Sizes:

Sr.# Diameter Height
1 62mm 122mm to 255mm
2 65mm 122mm to 255mm

Avalible for:

1. Pesticides
2. Insecticides
3. Mold Release Agent
4. Anti Rust agents
5. Shaving Foam
6. Deodorants and body sprays
7. Greases
8. Paints
9. Hair spray
10. Auto products
11. Medical products (like pain relievers)
12. Cleaning products
13. Food products (Whipped cream etc.)